Andrew Raposo Author Of Flat Belly Overnight.

Andrew Raposo is a Personal Trainer and a Strength Coach of Toronto, Canada. For a Personal Trainer and a Strength Coach he has some achievement:

He wins the TBA North American super middle weight champion in Muay Thai, 2 time provincial gold medalist in boxing & also fitness and lifestyle management graduate with honors.

Andrew Raposo
Andrew Raposo

He is also provide training with many new fighters and at present holds many qualifications/certifications in association program, power & training, and Kettlebell Training. He first joins into this boxing industry at the age of 14, where he ladder into my first boxing gym. He was weak and out of figure, but He forever wanted to hit a big shot in the face without receiving in problem for it. After a week of exercise, He walks into the ring to spar. He came out with a body full of blood and a big annoyance. To this day, he has wrecked his nose 3 times. So he guesses his initial plan of just beating up public, totally failed. But it was a overwhelming training and ultimately he got better. He exhausted many hours every day honing my vehicle. After 4 years into Boxing, Those principles have also approved over to my achievement as a extremely regard personal trainer.

‘Andrew Raposo’ is the author of Flat Belly Overnight EBook. Flat Belly Overnight is the great success of Andrew Raposo. In this book his full name is Andrew Raposo, CPT. is his official website. In this website About Me page describes him as a CSEP Certified Personal Trainer and Strength Coach of Toronto, Ontario. Andrew Raposo said that he used his flat belly overnight program “to help save his sister’s life”. Andrew Raposo’s sister name is Amy. She gained flat belly overnight significantly after she turned 40. She ultimately urbanized type-2 diabetes but Amy didn’t know about her diabetes. She knows her diabetes after her first stroke.

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Andrew Raposo allege that he used easy fat belly tricks to melt off 1 to 2 pounds per night “while you sleep” to get better your health in just Seven days. Andrew Raposo also describes how his flat belly overnight secret weight loss detox formula is so powerful that the weight loss and diet industry are going after him and intimidating to take away his website. Because of his online PDF eBook in fact has the power to destroy a multimillion dollar international industry.
Moreover, Andrew Raposo describes his fat belly falling tricks as “A wonder from Our Creator to save Amy’s life”.

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